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Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor

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Audit Proof & Save BIG on taxes this year and every year!How to be IRS

You'll learn...

- How to aggressively take money-saving deductions without increasing your chances of an IRS audit

- How to retroactively save on overlooked deductions that can save you $1,000's

- How to legally double and triple your depreciation deductions and save thousands without expending cash!

- How to stop overpaying on your taxes simply because you don't know what deductions you're allowed to take... we share them with you!

- How to TOTALLY AVOID being a dealer and save thousands!

- How to laugh & legally save thousands in taxes, every year (starting this year)!

- How to avoid the stress and headaches of costly IRS audits

- Simple ways to create HUGE unlimited deductions with NO cash out!

- How to sell properties tax-free and keep 100% of your profits!

- Use the right entity to protect you and your family.  

- And much more!

Text Manual
Text Manual
Grodon-Nicks “I am a CPA (haha) and real estate investor and I agree with everything you say about CPA's and taxes. I never knew most of what you are covering in these CD's. You are going to save me a bundle in taxes”... Cynthia Gordon-Nicks, CPA, Nicks Real Estate Investing, LLC


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 PLUS: Tax-Reduction & Audit-Proofing Forms…

  • Forms To Substantially Maximize Depreciation Deductions Via Componentizing Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Forms To Maximize Repair Deductions


Save $1,000’s in Consulting Fees! With these forms you do NOT need to hire a cost segregation consultant who would charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more and still not be as thorough as AL’s system!


  • Forms To Bypass Passive Loss Limits So You Can Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Against Your Other Income
  • Forms To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Chances Of A Costly  IRS Audit
  • Forms To Avoid Being A Dealer and Other Tax-Saving Strategies

All Proven Strategies in plain language fully supported by Tax Law Citations

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“I am personally thankful to Al Aiello. He saved my wife and I over sixty thousand dollars in taxes. I highly recommend you get his complete course” ... Jeffrey Taylor,   


PLUS:  VIP Customer Support…
  • Q&A Email Helpline For Your Tax Questions Directly To AL
  • Access to The Best Real Estate CPA’s in The Country (Al’s secret list)
  • Can Share With Your Advisors (Under Special Licensing Agreement)
  • Al’s Monthly Informative Newsletter “The Defender” - Your Champion Resource Of Tax-Saving Strategies, Updates And More!


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“Al Aiello is a consummate professional who KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!! I HIGHLY recommend that anyone serious about this business cannot afford to be without this expertise.  It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line!”... Sincerely, Louis “Lou” Brown, 30-year Investor; National Speaker


10-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some crazy reason you are not satisfied, return the system back to ISU in 10 days in resalable condition for a full refund


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“The unthinkable happened. I received a notice of examination from the IRS for that tax year (before I purchased your course). I went back through my records and organized them in the manner suggested in your Goldmine. After a brief visit with the examiner, he said, “Everything is on order.” Result was “no change” on my tax record. Thanks Al!”....Jay Thompson, C. & J. Properties


Which Of These Costly Mistakes Are You Making With Your Taxes?


Hello! My name is Natasha. It has been a rickety misadventure of unnecessarily overpaying taxes, inept CPA’s and the infamous IRS.

I Had To Cough Up $9,000 Being Incorrectly Tagged As A Dealer!

Then Arrives The IRS! $3,000 More Out The Window, That This Nasty Audit Could Have Been Avoided!!

$7,000 More I Had To Pay Because My CPA Did Not Know About A “Real Estate Professional” SO I Could Fully Deduct My Property Tax Losses!

$20,000 More Down The Drain Not Being Advised To Do A 1031 Tax-Free Exchange!
Bad CPA’s Can Cause You To Go Broke!

There Is A SOLUTION !!!

Al Aiello’s Renaissance Goldmine

Natasha Pizzarello
Normandy Beach, NJ 08739

AVOID the big expenses and hassles that Natasha (and many others) have gone through or will go through!

 Let’s look at it this way, either way you are going to pay! So, you have 2 choices:

1. You can pay the IRS - Thousands.. every year!!!

Or....You can pay...

2. AL, a whole lot less, just once!

Your Investment In This Program Is Fully Tax Deductible! Al backs this with a Tax-Reduction Receipt For Payment which includes the tax law cites supporting the deduction, along with how & where to take the deduction on your tax return. With this deduction you start to save taxes, immediately!


Who should invest in the Goldmine? All real estate investors… Beginners, veterans, full time, part time, wholesalers, shortsalers, rehabbers, landlords, commercial, paper, you name it!


About Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, Real Estate Investor:  Al has been a real estate investor for over 25 years. He first got his real estate license and went on to broker millions of dollars of real estate. He then got his CPA by passing the first time; then got his Masters in Taxation graduating with the highest honors in this rigorous program. He was immediately hired as graduate tax professor where he taught partnerships, corporations, asset protection and real estate taxation (a course that he suggested, created and developed). With his home study systems, he has thousands of students across the country who uses his strategies to pay little or taxes, to audit-proof their returns against the IRS and to protect their assets. Al is known to have a character of high integrity; is professional, congenial, and well-liked by seminar participants


More Documented Testimonials (Mostly Unsolicited)

“Albert Aiello is one of the most trusted scholars in real estate taxation and 1031 exchanges in the country”... Al Brindisi, CPA, Former IRS trainer. 
“Al, your course saved me $3,500 just on one technique”... Richard Muller, III , Investor
“Yours was the only course I purchased that weekend, and in all honesty, it was the best investment I have made”... Craig Collins, 303-523-7300.


NOT $1,995



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