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The Business Owner’s LLC Protection System
- Video Special -

The Complete E-System For Small Businesses With A Special LLC Structure That Reaps The Money-Saving  Benefits of All Business Entities –Yet Avoids Their Pitfalls…Yielding The Optimum Combination Of Substantial Tax Savings With Total IRS Compliance and Ironclad Legal Protection!

Specifically targeted for all types of small businesses > Full-time, part-time, home-based, web-based, independent contractors (1099’s), multi-level marketers, info-marketers, service companies, repair shops, sales reps, insurance agents, consultants, private lenders,  stock brokers, real estate brokers, real estate sales agents, appraisers, property management companies, title companies, contractors, mortgage brokers any small business…including those who want to convert a fun hobby into a fun deductible business.  Any small business, except  real estate investments.
  • Saves you thousands in “garbage” self-employment taxes, every year…convert into thousands tax-free in your IRA
  • Also saves you “income” taxes
  • With the least IRS audit-risk
  • With no highly taxed W-2 salaries (unlike corporations)
  • With no time-consuming payroll filings (unlike corporations)
  • No nasty expensive tax traps (unlike other entities)
  • Protects your business and your family from legal action

I receive EVERYTHING I need digitally:

  •        Operating Agreement Special Structure     (Value $1000)
  •       Complete Audio Training                           (Value $797)
  •       Complete Step-by-Step Video Training         (Value $897)
  •       FREE LLC set-up - any state (on-line)          (Value $1500)
  •       How to Transfer a Hobby into Business       (Value $149)
  •       10 Biggest Blunders of Biz Owners             (Value $299)
  •       1 Year e-mail Q&A                                      (Value $1500)
  •       Ultimate Tax Bible Audios                           (Value $700)

Total Real Value             $6842

Any number of LLC set-ups can be set-up FREE.  You just pay the state registration fee.

… Bill, I have saved about $27,000 on this year’s taxes.  Thank you”
–- George Rose

Better than Risk-FREE Guarantee:  Test drive the entire digital program.  If at any point within the next 10 days, you decide it’s not for you, simply let us know and receive a FULL 100% refund and KEEP your digital downloads!

The Business Owner’s LLC Protection System


The program regularly sells for $998.  With this Video Special, I pay only $674  for the first 15 orders.

You will NOT get it anywhere else. Not from the top CPA or law firms, the best universities, your CPA, your attorney, NOT from any other speakers! NO where but NO where!!

Protect your family wealth by ordering NOW!

The Business Owner’s LLC Protection System

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